Lista de Episódios: Estúdios DePatie-Freleng

A Pantera Cor-de-Rosa

The Pink Phink
Pink Pajamas
We Give Pink Stamps
Dial ‘P’ for Pink
Sink Pink
Pickled Pink
Shockig Pink
The Pink Tail Fly
Pink Panzer
An Ounce of Pink
Reel Pink
Bully for Pink
Pink Punch
Pink Pistons
Vitamin Pink
The Pink Blue Print
Pink, Plunk, Plink
Smile Pretty, Say Pink
Genie with the Light Pink Fur
Super Pink
Rock-a-Bye Pinky
Pink Panic
Pink Posies
Pink of the Litter
In the Pink
Jet Pink
Pink Paradise
Pinto Pink
Prefabricated Pink
The Hand Is Pinker Than the Eye
Pink Outs
Sky Blue Pink
Pinkadilly Circus
Psychedelic Pink
Come on In? The Water’s Pink
Put-Put Pink
G.I. Pink
Lucky Pink
The Pink Quarterback
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Pink
Pink Valiant
The Pink Pill
Prehistoric Pink
Pink in the Clink
Little Beaux Pink
Tickled Pink
The Pink Sphinx
Pink Is a Many Splintered Thing
The Pink Package Plot
Pink-Come tax
Pink Pest Control
Think Before You Pink
Slink Pink
In the Pink of the Night
Pink on the Cob
Extinct Pink
A Fly in the Pink
Pink Blue Plate
Pink Tuba-Dore
Pink Pranks
Psst Pink
The Pink Flea
Going with the Pink
Pink 8-Ball
Pink Aye
Trial of the Lonesome Pink
Pink DaVinci
Pink Streaker
Salmon Pink
Forty Pink Winks
Pink Plasma
Pink Elephant
Keep out Forests Pink
Bobolink Pink
It’s Pink But Is It Mink?
Pink Champaign
The Scarlet Pinkernel
Mystic Pink
The Pink Arabee
The Pink Pro
Pink Piper
Pinky Doodle
Sherlock Pink
Rocky Pink
Therapeutic Pink
Pink Pictures
Pink Aracade
Pink Lemonade
Pink Trumpet
Sprinkle Me Pink
Dietetic Pink
Pink Lightning
Pink S.W.A.T.
Pink U.F.O.
Pink Daddy
Cat and the Pinkstalk
Pink and Shovel
Yankee Doodle Pink (Pinky Doodle)
Pink Press
Pet Pink Pebbles (Rocky Pink)
The Pink of Bagdad (The Pink of Arabee)
Pink in the Drink
Pink Bananas
Pink-Tails for Two
Pink Z-Z-Z
Star Pink
Pink Breakfast
Pink Quackers
Toro Pink
String Along in Pink
Pink in the Woods
Pink Pull
Spark Plug Pink
Doctor Pink
Pink Suds
Supermarket Pink

O Inspetor

The Great De Gaulle Stone Operation
Reaux, Reaux, Reaux Your Boat
Napoleon Blown-Aparte
Cirrhosis of the Louvre
Plastered in Paris
Cock-a-Doodle Deux Deux
Ape Suzette
The Pique Poquette of Paris
Sicque! Sicque! Sicque!
That’s No Lady – That’s Notre Dame
Unsafe and Seine
Toulouse La Trick
Scare Bleu Cross
Le Quiet Squad
Bomb Voyage
Le Pig-Al Patrol
Le Bowser Bager
Le Escape Goat
Le Cop on Le Rocks
Crow De Guerre
Canadian Can-Can
Tour De Farce
The Shooting of Caribou Lou
London Derriere
Les Miserobots
Transylvania Mania
Bear De Guerre
Cherche Le Phantom
Le Great Dan Robbery
La Feet’s De Feat
Le Ball and Chain Gang
French Freud
Pierre and Cottage Cheese
Carte Blanched

Os Super 6

As produções dentro deste quadro, fazem parte do show dos Super 6.

Super Bwoing

Easy Kid Stuff
Gopher Broke
The Bomb Glom
Hag Bag
Martian Mixup
Jumping Jack
Monster Come Home
Think Little
Don’t Gloat Red Coat
The Unidentified Floating Object
The Karate Kid
A Witch In A Ditch
Jerk And The Beanstalk
Topsy-Turvey Time Traveler
Little Shredded Riding Hood
The Man From Trash
Who Put The Finger On Arnold Hangnail

Homem Elevador

Down Please
The Shapoor Caper
The Fly
The Mummy Caper

Homem Granito

Cement Mixup
The Matuccci Venus
Having A Ball
The Right Train On The Wrong Track

Super Scuba

One Of Our Missiles Is Missing
Whale Of A Tale
Smuggler’s Cove
Who’s Watching The Gold?

Homem Magneto

The Termite
Will The Real Magnet Man Please Stand Up
London Britches Falling Down
Water Water Nowhere

Capitão Whammo

Ship Of Mules
The Hessians Are Coming, The Hessians Are Coming
The Bad Brothers Ride Again
A produção abaixo é exibida dentro do show dos Super 6, porém não faz parte do grupo

Os Irmãos Matzoriley

Ruin And Board
A Knight’s Hard Day
You Go To My Heads
Dirty Pierre
High Moon
The Jolly Green Gorilla
Heck’s Angels
Highway Slobbery
Moby Richard
Road Scholars
Heau-Beau Jest
Window Pains
The Three Matzoteers
No Biz Like Shmoe Biz
A Tree Grows In Matorania
A Lone Shark
Hide And Shriek
Dog Napper
The Natzonuts
Willy Of The Wilderness

O Super Presidente

The Great Vegetable Disintegrator
The Billion Dollar Bomber
The Electronic Spy
Day of the Locusts
The Case of the Destroyer Satellite
King of the Sea
The U.F.O. Mystery
No Time Passes
Man of Steel
The Earth Robber
Monster of the Atoll
Return of the Vikings
The Cosmic Gladiators
The Condor’s Eye
The President and the Pirate
Interplanetary Menace
Red Ray Raider
The Treachery of Jerry Sales
Rangled Terrors
Dound and Doom
Spears from Space
Toys of Death
Birds of Terror
The Menace of the Moles
The Chameleon
The Gravity Destroyer
Ice Invader
Electronic Giant
Time Crimes
A Million Years of Menace

O Sombra

The Kilowatt Killer Caper
The Brain Drain Game
The Egyptian Rat-Trap Flap
The Great Trainload of Robbers
Evila the Terrible
Close Shave in Burma
Desert Dilemma
The Mystery Rustler Caper
The Aurora Borealis Business
The Guns of Tititcaca
Contraband Caper
The Case of the Treacherous Tugboat
Dead-End Express
Bandit Gambit
The Big Bounty

Bom Bom e Mau Mau

Hawks and Doves
Hurts and Flowers
Flying Feet
The Deadwood Thunderball
Sweet and Sourdough
A Pair f Sneakers
Say Cheese, Please
A Taste of Money
The Foul Kin
Robing Goodhood
War and Pieces
Gem Dandy
Trick or Retreat
The Great Continental Overland Cross Country Race
A Fink in the Rink
Cattle Battle

A Formiga e o Tamanduá

Hasty But Tasty
The Ant from Uncle
I’ve Got Ants in My Plans
Technology Phooey
Never Bug an Ant
Dune Bug
Isle of Caprice
Scratch a Tiger
Odd Ant Out
Ants in the Pantry
Science Friction
Mumbo Jumbo
The Froze Nose Knows
Don’t Hustle an Ant with Muscle
Rough Brunch
From Bed to Worse

Grump, o Feiticeiro Trapalhão

The Bloodywine Battle
The Great Grump Crunch
The Great Thorn Forest
The Eenie Meenie Miner
The Good Ghost Ship
Grump Meets Peter Paintbrush
The Lemonade Sea
Beware of Giants
Joltin’ Jack in Boxia
Visit to a Ghost Town
A Mess for King Midix
The Show of Shoe-Cago
Witch is Witch?
The Yuks of Gagville
Toilin’ Toolie Birds
The Grand Slam of Door City
Under the Pea Green Sea
Sugar and Spite
The Great Shampoo of Snow White City
The Grump Meets the Grough-Grooch
The Wily Wheelies
The Blabbermouth of Echo Island
With Malice in Blunderland
Apachoo Choo Choo
A Hitch in Time
The Shaky Shutter Bugs
Sno Land Like Snow Land
Good Grief, Mother Goose
The Bailed-Up Bloonywoonies
Cherub Land
Meet the Blockheads
Hoppy-Go-Lucky Hippetty Hoppies
Blunderland Flying Machine

As Aventuras de Toro e Pancho

A Pair of Greenbacks
Go for Croak
The Froggy Froggy Duo
Hop and Chop
Never on Thirsty
A Dopey Hacienda
Snake in the Gracias
Two Jumps and a Chump
Mud Squad
The Egg of Ay-Yi-Yi
The Fastest Tongue in the West
A Leap in the Deep
Croakus Pocus
Serape Happy
Frog Jog
Flight to the Finish

As Aventuras do Dr. Dolittle

The Grasshoppers Are Coming, Hooray, Hooray!
The Bird Who Was Afraid to Fly
The Land of the Tiger Moo
The Great Turkey Race
The Peanut Company
The Bare Bear
High Flying Hippo
The Near-Sighted Bull
The Silver Seals at the Circus
A Girl for Grego Gorilla
A Tale of Two Snails
A Fox Called … Sherlock?
The Tomb of the Pheonix Bird
The Barnyard Rumble
The Baffled Buffalo
A Hatful of Rabbit
Diamonds Are Not a Mahrajah’s Best Friend

Os Caretas

The Match Breaker
Finders Weepers
Lib and Let Lib
Half-Pint Hero
No Place for a Lady
For the Love of Money
Keeping Up with the Beagles
Play No Favorites
Law and Missorder
The Great Disc Jockey
Barkley Beware
Arnie Come Clean
The Talent Agency Caper

A Cobrinha Azul

Hiss and Hers
Support Your Local Serpent
Punch and Judo
Love and Hisses
Camera Bug
Yokahama Mamma
Blue Racer Blues
The Boa Friend
Wham and Eggs
Blue Aces Wild
Fowl Play
Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow
Aches and Snakes
Snake Preview

Missão Quase Impossível

The Misbehavin’ Raven Mission
The Double Dealing Diamond Mission
The Great Gold Train Mission
The Over the Waves Mission
There’s No Biz Like Snow Biz Mission
The Strangeless Than Fiction Mission
The Ruckus on the Rails Mission
The Who’s Who That’s Who Mission
The Perilous, Possibly, Pilfered Plans Mission
The French Collection Mission
The Outta Sight Blight Mission
Is There a Doctor in the Greenhouse Mission
The Call Me Madame X Mission

Os Cometas

Skateroo to the Carlsbad Clue!
To Win or Toulouse
Rahja and Out
Ghost of a Clue
Heading Home
Roman Race Run
Transylvania Mad Transit
Philippine Flip Flop
Space Race
Slow ‘n’ Go to Tokyo
Lochness Mess
Deep Blue Clue
South American Slip Up
Goldfever Goof Up
A Kooky Clue and a Mummy Too
Kenya Catch That Clue
An Abominable Clue
Madagascar Mix-Up
Bear Blunder Down Under
Trans Turkey Fowl Up
Amazon Jungle Bungle
Swiss Swap Switch
Hawaii Five Uh Oh
Heidelberg Robot Hang Up
Netherland Bouble Trouble
Too Strong for Hong Kong
A Doggone Danish Clue
Hungarian Cluelosh
Gobi Desert Goof Up
Sargaso Sea You Later
Fast Lap in Lapland
What’s Buzzin’ Canadian Cousin

O Xerife Hoot Kloot

Kloot’s Kounty
Apache on the County Seat
The Shoe Must Go On
A Self-Winding Sidewinder
Pay Your Buffalo Bill
Stirrups and Hiccups
Ten Miles to the Gallop
Phony Express
Giddy-Up Woe
Gold Struck
As the Tumbleweed Turns
The Badge and the Beautiful
Big Beef at the O.K. Corral
By Hoot of by Crook
Strange on the Range
Mesa Trouble
Saddle Soap Opera

O Poderoso Cachorrão

The Goose That Lai a Golden Egg
Heist and Seek
The Big House Ain’t a Home
Mother Dogfather
Bows and Errors
Deviled Yeggs
Watch the Birdie
Saltwater Tuffy
M-O-N-E-Y Spells Love
Rock-A-Bye… Maybe
Haunting Dog
Eagle Beagles
From Nags to Riches
Goldilox and the Three Hoods

De Volta ao Planeta dos Macacos

Flames Of Doom
Escape From Ape City
The Unearthly Prophecy
Tunnel Of Fear
Lagoon Of Peril
Terror On Ice Mountain
River Of Flames
Screaming Wings
Trail To The Unknown
Attack From The Clouds
Mission Of Mercy
Invasion Of The Underdwellers
Battle Of The Titans

Meu Amigo, o Tubarão

To Catch a Halibut
Shopping Spree
Flying Fool
Beach Resort
Monster of the Deep
Showbiz Shark
Moulin Rogues
The Godfather
Little Red riding Halibut
Aladdin´s Lump
Davey Jone´s Locker
Flying Saucer
The Shape of Things
Merry Sharkman Merry Sharkman
Sea Chase
Caught in the Act
Transistorized Shark
The Fishy Time Machine
Shark and the Beanstalk
Holiday in Venice
The Aquanuts
Fish Anonymous
Maguiness Book of Records
Cannery Caper
Deep Sea Rodeo
Cool Shark
Easy Come Easy Go

Charles Gato e os Super-Velhacos

Charles Gato

Baggy Pants & Forgetful Freddy
The Frog
Beach Fun
A Haunting Experience
Construction Caper
Electric Girlfriend
A Lad’s Lamp
The Painter’s Helper
Circus Circus
Bone of Contention
Horse Laff
A Pressing Job
Lost Dog
The Moving Man
The Magician’s Assistant

Os Super-Velhacos

Rustle Hustle
The Hole Thing
Genie Meanie
Earthquake McBash
Mercury Mike & His Jet Bike
The Bulk
Splish Splash
The Evil Father Nature
Chicken Lady’s Revenge
Doctor Sy Klops
Chicken Lady
False Face Filbert
The Dynamic Energy Robber
Simple Simon and the Mad Pieman
The Hopeless Diamond Caper

Crane, a Cegonha Perna-Fina

Life With Feather
Crane Brained
King Of The Swamp
Sonic Broom
Winter Blunderland
Storky And Hatch
Sneaker Snack
Barnacle Bird
Animal Crackups
Jet Feathers
Nest Quest
Bug Off!
Beach Bummer
Flower Power
Trail Of The Lonesome Mine

A Mulher Aranha

Pyramids Of Terror
Realm Of Darkness
The Amazon Adventure
The Ghost Vikings
The Kingpin Strikes Again
The Lost Continent
The Kongo Spider
Games Of Doom
Shuttle To Disaster
Dracula’s Revenge
The Spider-Woman And The Fly
Invasion Of The Black Hole
The Great Magini
A Crime In Time
Return Of The Spider-Queen
A Deadly Dream



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